Does your company have personal medical records of customers? Are you a medical office, law firm or records clearing house? No matter in what segment of the medical field your business is, if you use, create, store or transmit medical records you fall under the new HIPAA Security regulations that take effect April 21, 2004. This link will take you to the governments official HIPAA site.

What does that mean for you? Under the new regulations you are required to protect those records from others. That's easy enough for paper records, but what about electronic records that go through your computer systems? The fact is, those have to be protected too and this is never as easy or simple as a virus scan.

These regulations affect everything from screen savers and login passwords to ports, hijackers, hackers and even monitor placement. Chances are very good that your office has electronic security gaps, and most businesses don't have staff with the experience and expertise to fill all those gaps.

AlphaTech Solutions will scan your systems for these weaknesses and plug them. We will also give you information on what is known as "Best Business Practices" so you can be aware of what to do and what not to do. Finally, we will build a list of all practices and safeguards put into place in case you are ever audited.

Give AlphaTech Solutions a call for your free audit estimate and we can distill over a year of research on the requirements into recommendations to protect your business. We'll give you an overview of what has to be done without all the techno-lingo and show you a plan to protect your company from potential fines.

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