Hardware and Software Repair and Maintenance

AlphaTech Solutions can diagnose almost any hardware or software problem and repair or replace anything necessary. Hardware refers to the physical computer parts or any related equipment and software refers to the program or programs that work on the hardware. Your OS is software that runs the hardware and all those programs. We take care of both.

Let us know the basic problem and AlphaTech Solutions will troubleshoot the issue and give you options for repair or replacement. Don't spend your day working on a problem that we could possibly fix in an hour. And if the issue is something that needs parts replacement (costs money), we'll let you know before we do it so you can decide what is best for your needs.

Finally, all systems need periodic check-ups and maintenance. We do offer Contract Maintenance for those companies with Mission Critical operations but can also do necessary maintenance on a per visit basis as well. Updates, scans and other services will keep your computers running better, longer. Give us a call.

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