Spam Story on KTRE

KTRE’s Donna McCullum once again asked for the professional opinions of the guys at AlphaTech Solutions to aid in the reporting of an Internet related news item coming out of Austin.

Donna’s story was on Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott who has filed a lawsuit against commercial email spammers located in California and Texas who are responsible for sending out thousands of unsolicited commercial emails to consumers that clog the Internet, waste our time and present sometimes offensive material.

This lawsuit, also filed the Attorney Generals from New York, Florida and Washington state, looks to be the first of many in an effort to curb spam emails and the detrimental effect that it has on American businesses.

As much as we try, laws, regulations and penalties will not bring an end to spam emails. Many of the people involved in sending spam emails are located outside of the United States and are therefore immune to the laws enacted here. As a result, ultimately spam emails will have to be dealt with on a technical level and not a legal level.

There are programs that you can run in conjunction with your email client software that filters out the majority of spam emails. There are also programs and devices that perform the same function at a larger scale that are designed for use by corporations and schools.

It is possible to keep the majority of spam emails at bay and get the most out of your email system, it just takes a bit of planning and patience. If you need help blocking spam from your email accounts, please contact us!

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